Sunday, December 30 2007

Forever Wine

It is not clear yet, but it seems that wine will be highly taxed at the border.
Referring to the most informed transporter, we can expect

  • about 5 euros per bottle under 12°
  • about 25 euros per bottle above 12°

We still have few champagne bottles, and guess what, they are 12°. Would they charge for above 12 or under 12 ? Mathematically it is either none of them or both of them.

I don't want to check prices of a bottle of whisky or of rhum but since we really don't drink any of those strong alcohol, they will stay in France.

Wine is another story. I have to think about that.
Wine is expensive in China, and hard to find good quality for acceptable price.

And I will eventually miss wine. So sure of that. So what can be 5 extra euros on few bottles ?
But anyway, our stock won't last forever.