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Saturday, December 29 2007

Shipping time

The good thing about having more than one interlocutor is that you can have complementary informations.
The bad thing about having more than one interlocutor is that you can have contradictory informations.

How to deal with that ? How to dig out the true out of the false ?
In that specific case, not really important. Our stuff can arrive in the range 5 to 21 days (optimistic point of view of the second transporter -5 days -, strong certitude of the first transporter - 21 days - ).

As I said, not really important since we will be out of town shortly after my arrival for the Chinese New Year celebration. In my in law.
But, still, I am curious to see how two true professionals can have so different point of view. Or suppose to be pro. Well, eventually, one of them will be true. Or not.

Thursday, December 27 2007

So it is happening

We will move to Shanghai. Soon.
Expected from a while now, but happening in a sort of a rush.
But that is how projects are the best handled : the minimum planning.
OK, but that's the minimum I am trying to figure out now.

This morning one of the possible transporters showed up to evaluate the shifting.
It seems that, this time, I'll just have to watch them pack and move stuff.
I have to admit I am a bit relieved about that. Could  not imagine myself going through those tiny stairs with all our stuffs one more time.
Let's leave that to professionals. That's my definition of luxury : be able to call professional for all specific tasks.

Our things might be split in four :

  • what we will carry with us
  • what we follow us by air in 1m3 (about 20 days behind us)
  • what will follow us by sea (about 2 months behind us)
  • what will be unloaded to my parents place (I am already sorry for them) - to be confirmed

So that is how it begins.