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Monday, February 4 2008

About Day One

Those of you that read me from a long time through my consecutive blogs know my feelings about Jetlag.
For new comers, to describe this feeling I like to refer to William Gibson's novel : Pattern Recognition.

If I remember it well, it is at the very beginning of the novel, he explains the theory of that the saw is not going as fast as the plane across the globe. So, for the time it reach you back you are "sawless".

This time, it was better. Schedule was busy, but I was quite OK. Dead tired of a day that looked like it would never end, but still standing. It was suppose to be my new beginning after all, this gives some extra energy.

So, I was in that not so bad condition that we started the day (right after landing, after a quick shower) by visiting apartments.
Oh, as you probably saw in the news, China is facing a major weather crisis. Shanghai itself is just vaguely white of snow. Nothing much, but something that it not common here.
Well, we are suppose to take the plane tomorrow, we will see if it affects us.

So so far, it was just the cold that we had to face. Not a big deal for everyday life, since you are most of the time in a car (taxi), metro, or inside some buildings. But it gets harder when you have to cross a part of a district, walking between several potential apartments, weakened down by the lake of food (small breakfast in the plane, long hours ago).

We visited about 5 or 7 apartments cannot really tell. They all seems to be design on the same pattern. But I can be wrong. I still amazed about how fast new things turns old and looks like ruins, in China. Humidity, materials ? I don't know. But it means we have to look for really new buildings/apartments.

After that day, localizing point on the map, I started to put a face on Shanghai. Ya, I mean it looks more human now. Not the enormous super city if you look at the entire city area. So far, just focused on the center (one of them I guess). At least it will be "our" center, since it is my wife's working area and soon to be our living area.