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Monday, February 11 2008

Is Shanghai Burning ?

New Year Festival. Happiness, Vacation, Hong Bao (red envelop), and Firecrackers.

Yes, during the few days of the festival, you'll see fireworks everywhere, firecrackers at all corners. 'Was kind of nice to see all that enthusiasm spreading around. Yes, at first.

But last night, it was the apogee (well at least I hope we won't go higher !) of that practice, you can see and hear firecracker everywhere. But nothing like the small little things we are used to back in France, no, no. Here it is the big thing. I think the whole district what cracking the entire night (read : till 4am). Some of those things are really like an AK-47 machine gun.

For my understanding, the more firecrackers you burned, the more luck you'll bring to you for this new year. Last night was for the God of prosperity (or something close to that).

Happy new year.