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Monday, February 25 2008

First Expat Party

We were invited to our (my) first expat party.

In fact we were invited by a friend, and I seriously didn't expected something like that.
What was "that" ? Well, first : the place. It was in a super restricted high class houses complex...
I guess that what's go with "expat". But still, impressive.

More : the food. It was a banquet. With great homemade amuse-bouche. Wine, champagne, high quality western food.
Even more : the people. Was invited quite a lot of people. Actually this is the kind of meeting I don't like.
It just like in the movies. Standing in the middle of people to don't know, keep introducing yourself. Repeating the same story (at the beginning, for your own sake your try to generate different version of your story, but after a while you get tired of that exercise), listening to everyone's story. Trying to entertain people's conversation ...

Anyway, It was nice, and it showed me another face of Shanghai : the expats' one.
And I collected a bunch of name cards. And some extra contacts for finding a job.