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Wednesday, February 20 2008


France have quite a big history of colonization. I will not discuss here about the good and/or the bad they brought with them.
But there is one good thing they (French people) they gave to part of the world : bakery.

But, for some reason, the Old French Concession here in Shanghai is an exception. There is "bakery", even some with the sweet French "like" names. But the taste is not there. Paul (ya, the Paul you know) came very recently to put some order in that big mess.
I went to the one in this very popular area for westerners : XinTianDi (a reconstitution of a street like we, westerners, can imagine in Shanghai). I'll take some pictures next time.

Ok, so I went to the Paul they opened there. Price are cheap to my freshly arrived standard. But I know it is considered as an expensive bakery here since all the others are at least half price. But, hey, it is the same bread as back in Paris !
I read there is this Taiwanese chain called 85°C, supposedly Starbucks like, but with a huge success. Good quality bakery and cheaper price. I have to check this out. But lining up to buy bread ... I just hate that idea.

(hey just a weird idea ... what if the strange taste was due to the water smell ? ? ? Na ... nevermind)