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Monday, February 25 2008

Super geek

In you have no interest in technology, feel free to skip this post.

Few things about my geek perception here :

- as said in the previous post, I cannot read Chinese DVDs nor Chinese Bluray Disk (BD). I never though of that before since my previous DVD player (still in France) was region free. Since we planned to buy a HD TV, I said that it was no need to bring the DVD player that anyway will render very crapy images on an HD screen (since no upscaling). And since the PS3 is doing this enhancement, I was counting on her to be my DVD, BD player. What I forgot is the regions. Now, I know that I am forced to buy those 50cents DVDs and import BD from France (instead of US, since anyway, no BD in China).

- DSL. We have DSL here. I don't know if it is just here, or everywhere else the same, but it is not super fast. I would say about 1Mb. Nothing like the tripleplay we know back in France. But, well, it is ok. I managed to put all my stuff online.

- Router. I had to configure the wifi router (ya, no more freebox) through a Chinese interface ... Almost all done. Just one thing I didn't managed to do : open the HTTP:80 to my small station. So the now my laptop, my cellphone, my diskstation, and the playsation are back online. Just a little anecdote about that router. The reseller was seriously giving me that the serial number of that item was ending with three eight was a good reason to prefer this one to another one... You can imagine this was the main argument of my purchase.

- oh, and of course, I am behind the Great Firewall, and THIS IS ANNOYING !