Thursday, October 2 2008

End of an era

Once upon a time, life of a free iPhone meant going the hard path

Monday, February 25 2008

Super geek

In you have no interest in technology, feel free to skip this post.

Few things about my geek perception here :

- as said in the previous post, I cannot read Chinese DVDs nor Chinese Bluray Disk (BD). I never though of that before since my previous DVD player (still in France) was region free. Since we planned to buy a HD TV, I said that it was no need to bring the DVD player that anyway will render very crapy images on an HD screen (since no upscaling). And since the PS3 is doing this enhancement, I was counting on her to be my DVD, BD player. What I forgot is the regions. Now, I know that I am forced to buy those 50cents DVDs and import BD from France (instead of US, since anyway, no BD in China).

- DSL. We have DSL here. I don't know if it is just here, or everywhere else the same, but it is not super fast. I would say about 1Mb. Nothing like the tripleplay we know back in France. But, well, it is ok. I managed to put all my stuff online.

- Router. I had to configure the wifi router (ya, no more freebox) through a Chinese interface ... Almost all done. Just one thing I didn't managed to do : open the HTTP:80 to my small station. So the now my laptop, my cellphone, my diskstation, and the playsation are back online. Just a little anecdote about that router. The reseller was seriously giving me that the serial number of that item was ending with three eight was a good reason to prefer this one to another one... You can imagine this was the main argument of my purchase.

- oh, and of course, I am behind the Great Firewall, and THIS IS ANNOYING !

Ten eighty

Last week end we bought a TV.
It was a long time we planned to buy a HD TV. But it would have been stupid to buy one in France knowing we were going to move in another country soon (China or another). Now that we are starting to settle down, it was to hard to resist.

Buying something in China is always amazing (for me).
We went into that nice, clean, high ranked store to do some price check of the models we were interested in.
The guy told us a price (reasonable to my un-experimented opinion).
Then we went to a more "price-killer" place. OK let's say the price on the label was 100. When you ask for the price (if you dare asking in France, they will tell you that the price is on label ...) it automatically drops to 80 (so you can feel you made a good deal). And if you insist and negotiate, it will drop to 60. But for some reason we didn't wanted to buy in this place, so we went back to the original store (the neat and clean one), asked for the price again, said that we saw it for 60, where ? there; so he call his boss, and finally accept the deal.
Delivery ? Within the day (it was already 2:30pm). Can you imagine going to FNAC and bargain ?

TV plugged. It is something. I cannot tell about Bluray Disc yet; still in the boat and cannot buy any in China, but the Playstation games are definitely totally different (read: incredible) !
Few days ago, we bought two real (yes!) DVDs for a cheaper price than what you can find in France or the western world in general. One is from the Europe zone and works perfectly and the other one is Chinese zone and does not work at all on the Playstation (my DVD player).
So yesterday I went out in the street, buy some "homemade" DVDs. I am surprised to see Bluray jackets ... so I asked the reseller. Yes, yes of course it is Bluray disc. Hmm, for 50cents (euro cents) I was a bit suspicious. And I knew that if it was really some BD I wouldn't be able to read them. But for what they cost, I can take the chance. And of course it was DVDs. Super well rendered on this huge screen. But, still, DVDs.

Friday, January 11 2008

Did it

It was not easy.
It is quite a technical process, but after 30 mins, my brand new iPhone is totaly unlock and simfree.

I will see if it works with Chinese sims as well (I had to add a "hypersim" over my sim card).
But no reason for that stuff not to work either.

If in a Wifi environment, it is an amazing toy. I haven't tried it in GPRS yet.
But honestly still don't like the not super accurate virtual keyboard. I guess it will come after using it for a while.

Oh, and "my" Samsung i600 (my previous phone) is not for sale. I gave it to my wife. She thinks it is more "professional" than the Motorola RAZR she had.

So it is.