Friday, August 7 2009

Maldives - More

So we went to that Irufushi island.
It is quite remote, far north in the Madives. Not very close of Malé the capital city/island.

So we took a 45min trip by seaplane (you saw the picture of the Maldives Taxi).

Irufushi is a very recent resort. Look at this picture from google map:

source: google map via yoyo

I beleive this picture was taken at least 2 years ago.

Now it looks like what you've seen on my picts.

Thursday, August 6 2009

Maldives - Part 2 - Irufushi island

One side of the island

The middle part of the island

The last part of the island

Eating on the beach

The taxi to travel between islands

Heavy weather beach

Love that tree

Right around the corner

Maldives - Part 1 - over the ocean

Malé, from the seaplane

Airport Island (ya I know ...)

Some islands

Medusa Island ?

Turtle Island, she said so

A boat

You'll see the seeplane at arrival, on site.

Friday, July 10 2009


Pepsi NEX (Japanese importation) Coca-Cola Zero (Korean importation)

You actually can find the classic can. So why importing from other countries ?

Oh, it tastes better, it tastes better.

Wednesday, June 3 2009

Country side (another day)

Our cook preparing dinner

Fortune cookie ? Oups ... well, something like that. (Buddhist temple)

In the temple, you burn things

Country side

We left the city, obviously

Fancy an haircut ?

And you actually can find a land line here. Civilization ...

barbie wawa

A barbie building, a dream right ?

The world is pink

A dream, if I say so

Even here in China, Barbie's got blue eyes

Monday, February 2 2009

at the restaurant: let's pick some food

Haven't show much about the great choice of "sea food" you can have in the south of China.
Time has come.

'fancy some croco ?

I love eating that thing. 

Good stuff. No, really.

A mahjong set for desert ?

Or a glass of snake wine ?

Macau - coca cola


let's be honest

No kidding ?

Macau - "che casino !"

Yes. In Macau. Indoor.

Still Indoor. Fake sky. The building is enormous. A city. A casino.

Real street. Indoor. And probably fake apartments.

When the sky is not blue, it is an Italian roof. Corridors everywhere.

Well, the "casino" is called the Venetian.

Lunar New Year Vacation

Monday, November 3 2008

Money Money

Mafia style

Monday, October 6 2008



Magic chicken, again

The Magic Chicken House

THE Thing

Xi Hu

West Lake - Hangzhou

Garbage collector - Hangzhou


Driving 3 hours traffic jam to eat crab. Great crab though.

Thursday, October 2 2008

Dust ?

Quelqu'un a dit "poussiereux" ? - JinMao Tower - Shanghai

Tuesday, August 19 2008

Tong li (bis repetita placent)

Not called gondola, but they can sing too

Through the "window"

Monday, August 18 2008

Tong li

1000 year old city.
So it's in black and white

The Streets

Safety first !


Old Tea House

Do not disturb

Street ...

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher 2.0



I've no word for that.

Friday, June 6 2008


Same. But different

Sunday, April 6 2008

Back in Paris

I am back.
Back in the city of all ([...] and one to rule them all [...]).
The view from my hotel is so unique that I cannot resist to share it with you.

Just enjoy as much as I did.

Etoile - Paris, France

Wednesday, March 5 2008

The Bund

The too classic and well known Bund of Shanghai.
And, no, I am not standing on a bench or something. Just on the bund.
They are small people, that's it.

Tuesday, March 4 2008

Under construction

OK. Just for fun, have a look at that renovation site.

Now, let's have a closer look to that.

Ya, bamboo !
All the scaffolding here are made of bamboo.
Just like in Jackie Chan's movies.

Monday, February 25 2008

at Night

Friday night, 11pm.
This is Nanjing East Road. I would compare it to our Champs-Elysées (or maybe The Bund is closer to it, but anyway, it is a famous big street).
And it was empty. Night life is more is the bar and the night club I guess.

Wednesday, February 20 2008

From the window

The view form the balcony.
You can click to enlarge.

Yes, I am trying night photos.
Almost impossible to got it that clear without putting the camera on something to stabilize it perfectly. I put it on 1''4 opening. It is a long time for my shaking hands, even with the anti-shacking system (that would do perfectly the trick with day light with normal exposure time).

Thursday, January 3 2008

Photos Ahead

I am expecting to share here some of my life there.
And I guess some photos can express more than long speeches.

Serving that purpose (and just because I wanted to) I bought a camera.
I guess this one could accept a capital letter.
Impressive tool, a bit bulky maybe. No way to take a photo without anyone noticing it.

Keep you updated on my progress in photography.