Thursday, March 20 2008

They are Coming.

Alleluia !
After two (2) months our stuffs are finally coming (if no delay) beginning of next week.
They are in the Shanghai harbor for two (2) weeks now, handled by the custom office.

The "funny" thing is that, by then, I would start to work. Why things always have to be in such a bad timing ?
I guess most of the things will stay in their boxes since both me and my wife are going to be away for a while. Different countries.

I can imagine that the coffee machine (Nespresso™, what else ?) will go out of the box first (probably jump out by herself, or maybe, maybe, George will come and install it for us).
This will put an end to the time of what I called the Canada Dry Coffee (do I really need to explain ? Looks like a Canada Dry, got the color of a Canada Dry, but ... it is not a Canada Dry).
I don't expect much coffee at work, so home will be this little oasis of coffee "bean" (ya, well not really beans, but nothing compare to what you can get here).

Wednesday, January 30 2008

Wiped out

They were impressive.
The whole battlefield was wiped out in 30 minutes.

I am not homeless yet, but cannot sleep on the floor, so I am in the Antechamber of my new life.
Or maybe this will be the temporary apartment ? Hmm, probably not, because when I'll be there, I'll already be in my new life.
So this is it.

Tuesday, January 29 2008


Our home is not our home anymore.
It is back to the colder version, the one we saw when we first visited it.
So now, I am starting to feel it. Now, I am realizing I am leaving. Well, but so far just this place. I cannot see the big thing. Too big probably.
Movers came today. They packed almost everything, left my bed in the middle of the stack of boxes, leaving this feeling of being into The Alamo.
They'll come back tomorrow, for the final battle, so the war will be over.

And then we will have to find a new home.
But that will be for Sunday. Sunday, ruled by another timezone, but under the same sky.

Monday, January 21 2008

Blue mood

From the beginning of December till now, the most beautiful avenue in the world was in blue.
Till now. They turned it off.
Time to leave.

The flat is empty now. My wife has stepped in first in our new life.
Did I said empty ?

Hmm, actually a battlefield would be more appropriate to describe what's happening here.

And I don't do much, just splitting the things between what will go by boat and what will stay in France. The flying cube is already gone. Hopefully will arrive before me.

Monday, January 14 2008


It is sales time here in Paris now.
And I need to build a survival kit.
It seems that people in that strange country are not super tall (we will not talk about that basket ball guy).
There is two things I wanted to buy here before leaving : descent shoes, and a nice pair of jeans. You never know ...

And of course I found what I wanted.
I read somewhere that average budget for French people for sales is about 80 euros...

Burst it! (of course)

Tuesday, January 8 2008


I am just back from the Post Office.
We had to set a mail transfer.
100 euros for a 12 months forward.
I guess they fill wrap each letter in a golden paper with a nice rose on top of it.

Wednesday, January 2 2008

Temporary Flat

We will have a month or so to find our dream flat in Shanghai. In the meanwhile, we will have a temporary flat.
I was a bit afraid we would end up with a hotel room. Even high standard rooms, it is quite sad feeling.

Hotel rooms are sad, no ?
Remember Lost in Translation ? Told you, it is sad.
But, luckily, they booked us an apartment.

Seen in the description :

Modern western Kitchen, nice bathrooms, that even have a bidet.

Bidet is a deep mystery for me. Seems to be considered as the finest luxury stuff in a bathroom. I am curious about how many people actually use them.

A little quote from Wikipedia (cannot resist) :

The bidet appears to have been an invention of French furniture makers in the late 17th or early 18th century.
Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the external vulva and the anus, as well as the skin near these areas, including the perineum. They may also be used to clean any other part of the body; they are very convenient for cleaning the feet, for example. Despite appearing similar to a toilet, it would be more accurate to compare it to the washbasin or bathtub. In fact, the bidet is used by some for a baby bath, though there are some who recommend against this.

I cannot resist to quote this too :

Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in some European countries (especially Greece, Italy (where practically all the houses and hotels have it), Spain and Portugal), some Latin American countries (especially Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela; there they are found in approximately 90% of households), the Middle East and some parts of Asia (particularly in Japan and South Korea). Although France is the country where the word bidet originated, not every house there is equipped with one, especially the smaller or cheaper flats.

Actually, when I was a baby (before 4), we had one. But I cannot remember having seen it in any other places except in some very old-fashion hotels.
I guess we have lost the clean habits of our kings a few centuries ago.

Or toilet papers improved a lot.

Source : wikipedia

Sunday, December 30 2007

Forever Wine

It is not clear yet, but it seems that wine will be highly taxed at the border.
Referring to the most informed transporter, we can expect

  • about 5 euros per bottle under 12°
  • about 25 euros per bottle above 12°

We still have few champagne bottles, and guess what, they are 12°. Would they charge for above 12 or under 12 ? Mathematically it is either none of them or both of them.

I don't want to check prices of a bottle of whisky or of rhum but since we really don't drink any of those strong alcohol, they will stay in France.

Wine is another story. I have to think about that.
Wine is expensive in China, and hard to find good quality for acceptable price.

And I will eventually miss wine. So sure of that. So what can be 5 extra euros on few bottles ?
But anyway, our stock won't last forever.

Saturday, December 29 2007

Shipping time

The good thing about having more than one interlocutor is that you can have complementary informations.
The bad thing about having more than one interlocutor is that you can have contradictory informations.

How to deal with that ? How to dig out the true out of the false ?
In that specific case, not really important. Our stuff can arrive in the range 5 to 21 days (optimistic point of view of the second transporter -5 days -, strong certitude of the first transporter - 21 days - ).

As I said, not really important since we will be out of town shortly after my arrival for the Chinese New Year celebration. In my in law.
But, still, I am curious to see how two true professionals can have so different point of view. Or suppose to be pro. Well, eventually, one of them will be true. Or not.

Thursday, December 27 2007

So it is happening

We will move to Shanghai. Soon.
Expected from a while now, but happening in a sort of a rush.
But that is how projects are the best handled : the minimum planning.
OK, but that's the minimum I am trying to figure out now.

This morning one of the possible transporters showed up to evaluate the shifting.
It seems that, this time, I'll just have to watch them pack and move stuff.
I have to admit I am a bit relieved about that. Could  not imagine myself going through those tiny stairs with all our stuffs one more time.
Let's leave that to professionals. That's my definition of luxury : be able to call professional for all specific tasks.

Our things might be split in four :

  • what we will carry with us
  • what we follow us by air in 1m3 (about 20 days behind us)
  • what will follow us by sea (about 2 months behind us)
  • what will be unloaded to my parents place (I am already sorry for them) - to be confirmed

So that is how it begins.