Thursday, March 18 2010


It was supposed to be the year the Alexei Leonov was sent to rescue the Discovery mission, completely destroyed by the very deranged super computer HAL.

But no. We didn't send any spaceship towards Jupiter in 2001. Probably because we didn't find any monolith on the Moon.

But at least we can use Europa's water if we want to.

Cars are not flying, no inhabited spaceship will be send in the next few years. And we will have to deal with Mars before thinking going to Jupiter anyway, unless a big Monolith appears there.

The Chinese sent a taikonaut on a short trip around earth.
The Indians (the dot, not the feather) are planning something like this for 2030. Who cares? The world is suppose to come to an end by 2012 (if we tell you so).

At least we've avoid the Blade Runner scenario. Not to mention Cosmos 1999.
And we've overpass many of Asimov's expectation in matter of computer sciences. Haven't reach the stage of useful robot though. But I have good hope for the next decade.

2010, that's 10 years after The Bug. We've survived that.
The last 15 years have seen Internet going supernova. This network that William Gibson gets so well in Neuromancer, the first Cyberpunk book ever.
This network and its extension (the infosphere, still waiting for it!) that have been though through by Dan Simmon in Hyperion.

2010, Shanghai will be the showcase of the world for few month. The world expo. The biggest ever. "Better City, Better Life".
Well, if you ask me I can think of few things to make that city slightly better.
No, really. And that without actually removing the Chinese people.

But that could be the subject of another post.
Let's stick to 2010 for now.

2010, that's the year Zenzoo, the company, was founded.
It looks like a promising year after all.

Monday, February 2 2009


... one year in China !

Sunday, March 30 2008


We are still 8 hours ahead of the little village of Greenwich.
But France, due to the super useful time saving policy, is now in GMT+02:00 which is bringing it 6 hours behind China (the entire country is under the same timezone, including Taiwan).

Monday, February 11 2008

Is Shanghai Burning ?

New Year Festival. Happiness, Vacation, Hong Bao (red envelop), and Firecrackers.

Yes, during the few days of the festival, you'll see fireworks everywhere, firecrackers at all corners. 'Was kind of nice to see all that enthusiasm spreading around. Yes, at first.

But last night, it was the apogee (well at least I hope we won't go higher !) of that practice, you can see and hear firecracker everywhere. But nothing like the small little things we are used to back in France, no, no. Here it is the big thing. I think the whole district what cracking the entire night (read : till 4am). Some of those things are really like an AK-47 machine gun.

For my understanding, the more firecrackers you burned, the more luck you'll bring to you for this new year. Last night was for the God of prosperity (or something close to that).

Happy new year.


In Norse mythology, this would be the winter of winters. The one that is suppose to precede the end of everything.
I guess that, without knowing about that myth, Chinese people thought they have been through something like that the last two weeks.
It was really a national disaster. To illustrate that : 800 000 people blocked in the same place (Canton's railway station). I am not sure I can imagine what 800 000 people represents.

Canton is deep south, close to Hong Kong. Usually a warm place. Usually.
This year winter turned out to be cold. About 6°C, without any heating system.
I was sick (a cold) when I arrived there, nothing there was good to help me. During the day, temperature goes higher, outisde. But inside apartments the freezing cold remain.
That is something I am not use to. I can bear quite a cold weather (I think), but I am used to have a warm place when I go back home.
There, it was cold during the day, during the night, during the shower.

Happy to be back in Shanghai. Colder outside, but warmer inside.

Tuesday, February 5 2008

Lunar New Year

Aka the Chinese New Year.
Celebrated in the entire Asia for what I know.

I am going south, where I expected a warmer weather, but it seems I was wrong.
I'll be offline for the time being.