Wednesday, October 20 2010


I shall not publish any blog, travel note, notice or diary without the written consent of XXXXXXX (although, XXXXXXX shall not unreasonably withhold consent).

Je signe et je compte sur le côté raisonnable d'X ? De toute façon, c'est ça ou je ne pars pas.

Ça serait dommage de rater "the experience of a lifetime". Oui, oui : encore une.

Tuesday, October 19 2010


Il fut un temps, l'iPhone, lorsqu'en mode silencieux, continuait à signaler les nouveaux messages dans les écouteurs du bonhomme qui écoutait nonchalamment le dernier album de Morzart.

Puis un jour, un ergonome de génie s'est levé du pied gauche et a décidé que c'était inutile. Le seul usage que je lui vois, c'est lors d'une écoute sur haut parleur externe, pour ne pas couper ce merveilleux moment de musique que tu partages avec l'assemblée.  

Mais tout de même, ça me gêne.

Thursday, March 18 2010


It was supposed to be the year the Alexei Leonov was sent to rescue the Discovery mission, completely destroyed by the very deranged super computer HAL.

But no. We didn't send any spaceship towards Jupiter in 2001. Probably because we didn't find any monolith on the Moon.

But at least we can use Europa's water if we want to.

Cars are not flying, no inhabited spaceship will be send in the next few years. And we will have to deal with Mars before thinking going to Jupiter anyway, unless a big Monolith appears there.

The Chinese sent a taikonaut on a short trip around earth.
The Indians (the dot, not the feather) are planning something like this for 2030. Who cares? The world is suppose to come to an end by 2012 (if we tell you so).

At least we've avoid the Blade Runner scenario. Not to mention Cosmos 1999.
And we've overpass many of Asimov's expectation in matter of computer sciences. Haven't reach the stage of useful robot though. But I have good hope for the next decade.

2010, that's 10 years after The Bug. We've survived that.
The last 15 years have seen Internet going supernova. This network that William Gibson gets so well in Neuromancer, the first Cyberpunk book ever.
This network and its extension (the infosphere, still waiting for it!) that have been though through by Dan Simmon in Hyperion.

2010, Shanghai will be the showcase of the world for few month. The world expo. The biggest ever. "Better City, Better Life".
Well, if you ask me I can think of few things to make that city slightly better.
No, really. And that without actually removing the Chinese people.

But that could be the subject of another post.
Let's stick to 2010 for now.

2010, that's the year Zenzoo, the company, was founded.
It looks like a promising year after all.

Saturday, November 21 2009

They know how to sell

Friday, August 7 2009

Maldives - More

So we went to that Irufushi island.
It is quite remote, far north in the Madives. Not very close of Malé the capital city/island.

So we took a 45min trip by seaplane (you saw the picture of the Maldives Taxi).

Irufushi is a very recent resort. Look at this picture from google map:

source: google map via yoyo

I beleive this picture was taken at least 2 years ago.

Now it looks like what you've seen on my picts.

Thursday, August 6 2009

Maldives - Part 2 - Irufushi island

One side of the island

The middle part of the island

The last part of the island

Eating on the beach

The taxi to travel between islands

Heavy weather beach

Love that tree

Right around the corner

Maldives - Part 1 - over the ocean

Malé, from the seaplane

Airport Island (ya I know ...)

Some islands

Medusa Island ?

Turtle Island, she said so

A boat

You'll see the seeplane at arrival, on site.

Friday, July 10 2009


Pepsi NEX (Japanese importation) Coca-Cola Zero (Korean importation)

You actually can find the classic can. So why importing from other countries ?

Oh, it tastes better, it tastes better.

Wednesday, June 3 2009

Bad day

There are days like that ...

China Daily folies

I am so lucky, I can have the china daily news in my MMS box, twice a day.

Delivered in dual language, it also provide language tips. Very useful.

And they can stay in the same theme for quite some time

But, to make it worth the subscription, there are also some major news

Country side (another day)

Our cook preparing dinner

Fortune cookie ? Oups ... well, something like that. (Buddhist temple)

In the temple, you burn things

Country side

We left the city, obviously

Fancy an haircut ?

And you actually can find a land line here. Civilization ...

barbie wawa

A barbie building, a dream right ?

The world is pink

A dream, if I say so

Even here in China, Barbie's got blue eyes

Thursday, May 7 2009

Weather update

Since the previous post has been staying on the top of that blog for quite a while now, I think I owe this page an update.

Saturday, February 28 2009

Weather forecast

And last week was raining 7 days straight.

I think I should go out tomorrow (Sunday: 星期日).
Sun light might not show up again for a (long) while.

Monday, February 2 2009


... one year in China !

at the restaurant: let's pick some food

Haven't show much about the great choice of "sea food" you can have in the south of China.
Time has come.

'fancy some croco ?

I love eating that thing. 

Good stuff. No, really.

A mahjong set for desert ?

Or a glass of snake wine ?

Macau - coca cola


let's be honest

No kidding ?

Macau - "che casino !"

Yes. In Macau. Indoor.

Still Indoor. Fake sky. The building is enormous. A city. A casino.

Real street. Indoor. And probably fake apartments.

When the sky is not blue, it is an Italian roof. Corridors everywhere.

Well, the "casino" is called the Venetian.

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